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A Brief Introduction

My name is Lewis Long and you're probably here because you need a web designer or web developer. You came to the right place. With nearly a decade of experience in both disciplines there's a strong possibility I'm the man for the job and here's why:

After graduating from the Coventry University in 2007, I began working in Syracuse, NY as Lead Graphic Designer for Carousel Industries, a large telecommunications corporation . After a year working there I felt the calling of New York City life. I moved back to New York City where I started consulting for the well known advertising agency, Porter Novelli as a web designer / front end web developer. It was here where I was given the opportunity to create websites for companies such as Hewlett Packard, Absolut and Capital One Bank. Since then I've designed for a variety of clients including Cornell University and currently Cisco Systems in San Jose, California.

My career has consisted of a great variety of projects and clientele. My ability to both design and code allows me to create designs quickly by knowing the limitations of the browser in addition to making them visually appealing resulting in enjoyable user experiences

In my spare time I enjoy learning new web technologies. After only a few months of learning Ruby on Rails I was able to build a Rails app at Cisco that solved problems the department had been experiencing for three years. I'm also an avid photographer and painter. I love meeting new designers and developers so please follow me on Twitter and get in touch!

A Pragmatic Approach To Design

I think more so my users don't have to.

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